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Pulp Fiction

Ferenc Puskas, famous Hungaria soccer player on the court
1953, Budapest, Hungary
Dalí painted a rhino at the “Vincennes” ZOO
30th April 1955, Paris, France
Winston Churchill with a cigar
10th January 1944, London, England
The Beatles during a summer themed photo shoot
14th August 1965, London, England
Mick Jagger playing a Hummingbird
1st December 1968 - London, England
Alfred Hitchcock with a raven after shooting the movie “Birds”
1963, USA
Mick and his snazzy new Aston Martin
September 1966, England
Salvador Dalí photographed with objects, including cats and water caught in surreal motion
1948, Spain
Freddie Mercury recording his video for 'Friends Will Be Friends'
12th December 1986, London, England

Then and now - digitally colorized photos

How the old black and white photos ​​look in color? We’ve put the game of imagination into practice, and restored famous photographs of the 20th century pop cultural icons with colorization. The process is still not easy today, but the technique has evolved a lot since the 1970’s. Our professional graphic designers have used their technological knowledge, graphic skills and vivid imagination, and colored these photos with maximum historical accuracy; creating a bridge between past and present. Forget the soft contrast and fairly pale, flat, washed-out colors. We do quality work, restore and colorize your old photos and fill them up with life.
The restoration of colors, such as our other creative projects means us not just work, but also an enjoyable creative activity as well. We are here to help discover the past from a new perspective, and make the connection with the old world easier. If you want to see a touching visual experience just check, how the old-fashioned black and white photos transformed to colorful. Hopefully, the result speaks for itself.

Divisions: Graphic design