Red Viking Brewery

  • Brand Identity design

A Hungarian football star and his brother have launched a brand new beer company. Our task was to design the logo, identity, labels, creative communication and retail stimulation. The brand consists of two kind of beers, Red and Gold Viking. Red Viking is a popular craft beer style that highlights both hops and malt. These lagers tend to be medium bodied with a toasted or caramel-essence malt character.

The color of these beers will be copper to bronze with some reddish hues. This is where it all started from, we matched the brand colors with the main marks of the Red Viking, a reddish craft beer. Our aim was to put a complete mithology behind the adverts and highlight the strenghts of the beers. The company's slogan is a statement: Born in Hungary, Proudly Made in Budapest. We could say so!

Divisions: Creative Agency, Production (photo)